The city is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The Nabateans settled on this site in the sixth century BC. In the second century BC it covered 10 km2. They were farmers and herders , but the position of the site has made a step caravans from China and Rome.

Caravaneers found there protection and water. Petra is a natural wonder with its colors , canyons , cliffs, but it is also an architectural marvel . The graves are dug and cut into the rock and scatter by hundreds on the site.

It is breathtaking . From Little Petra, you can trek with a guide to discover Petra from a different angle. If you have an extra day, you can climb Mont Aaron and look out over the Wadi Araba as far as the eye can see. Several times per week, it is also possible to pass the evening in Petra, enjoying candlelight and the sound of Bedouin music.