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«I love my country. I love to travel all over it and to help people discover it.
I enjoy meeting new people, exchanging ideas and sharing things with them.
That is why I chose to work as a tourism driver.»

Zyadyour driver for Jordanie

As you are looking at this site, perhaps you have heard about Jordan and wish to visit it . Amman, Jerash, Petra, Wadi Rum, the Red Sea, the Dead Sea… do these names make you dream?
With family or with friends … would you like to travel in complete freedom?

Make your dream a reality !

Opt for a considerate driver at your service during your entire stay. You can also choose to be transported by vehicle for one or several transfers during your stay.

Attentive to all your wishes, your english speaking driver will free you from all worries with his knowledge of his country and his availability.

Your vehicule will be an air conditioned car or van or minibus.. You will have an accompaniment throughout the stay, transfers to hotels, transport to tourist sites, help contacting local guides, advice for restaurants, shops …

I am eager to help you discover my country !

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Customer Reviews - They said

I had a wonderful stay in Jordan and Zyad was very helpful. Punctual, friendly and warm, he immediately put me at ease; Passionate about his country, he is always ready to tell great stories about the landscapes we crossed. In addition, he is a helpful and accommodating gentleman who did not hesitate to change the route so that I could visit a place that was not originally planned. He was also very careful with the dishes that I wanted to order on the spot, not hesitating to make me change small restaurant when he judged that the meat did not seem fresh. For my visit to the Dead Sea he took me to a nice resort he knew where I was able to swim and eat for a very affordable rate. I am a woman who traveled alone and at no time did I feel insecure, quite the contrary. Jordanians are very welcoming and hospitable people. Their country is absolutely beautiful. I strongly recommend to visit it and with Zyad whom I warmly thank, I would also like to thank Marie for the advice before the trip and the connection. It was an unforgettable stay, beyond my expectations.
October 2021
First of all, I wanted to thank you for all the advice provided for this trip to Jordan, which was simply fabulous. We really appreciated this country, especially Petra, of course.
A special mention is for Zyad who perfectly took us to the destination points while being very pleasant.
Cédrid and Laurence
May 2022
Zyad was our driver during our 6 days trip around Jordan. He is a great driver and gave us good tips that made this trip unforgattable. Zyad knows very well Jordan and showed us very nice places. He is always on time, was able to answer all our needs and helped us when needed. Jordan is such a beautiful country and being with Zyad made it even more beautiful. We are glad we met Zyad and already miss him.
Do not hesitate one second to book with Zyad, you will be very happy and safe.
Michèle and Jean
May 2022
We visited Jordan in May 2022. This little-known country really deserves to be visited. A few hours flight from France, it is possible to discover fabulous sites and magnificent landscapes, a welcoming population. Petra made us travel to another era. You really have to take the time to contemplate the countless points of view and surprises it offers us. Wadi Rum has also left us with great memories; Do not miss ! Many other visits are possible in Jordan, but here I will let you discover for yourselves. This stay will have been a real escape. We came back a little tired, but refreshed and full of images. This journey across the country took place in good conditions. This was possible thanks to Zyad's services, and Marie's good advice to plan the circuit as well as possible. We had initially planned to rent a car, and finally opted for a driver for the entire duration of the stay. We did not regret this option, which allowed us to fully enjoy the stay.
By opting for Zyad, who is also very professional and friendly, you will be choosing a hassle-free stay.
Julie, Peggy, Charley, François
May 2022
We very much appreciated the support of Zyad, who was very flexible when we had to face 3h30 late due to the plane and our arrival on Petra at 3am. Warm welcome, air-conditioned car, Zyad accompanied us for 4 days, taking us to the different sites we planned to visit (Petra, Wadi Rum, Dead Sea). We were able to enjoy our trip without worrying about the road. We enjoyed the stops over the breathtaking views that the country offers, which would have been impossible without a driver.
To recommend !
Aurélie et Christophe
September 2018
Thanks to Marie for her availability and all the advice/information given before our departure which made us want to choose Zyad to accompany us during our trip. Back from Jordan, we are delighted to have trusted chauffeur-jordanie. com! We had a great trip with Zyad who was available, warm, punctual, and with whom it was a pleasure to talk about Jordan. Also, we appreciated the addresses that were recommended to us. (Traditional Jordanian restaurants and in particular the discovery of the delicious Mansaf in Karak, isolated camp in the Wadi Rum desert for a magical stay...). It was a unique experience that will leave us with beautiful memories for a long time. Thank you for everything!
Eloïse, Juliette, Alyssa
December 2021
When preparing for our trip to Jordan, we initially hesitated between renting a car or hiring a driver. We finally opted for the second solution and we did not regret it!
Zyad thanks to his kindness, his knowledge of the country and his resourcefulness brought us real value to this magnificent trip. He took us to very nice and inexpensive restaurants, told us lots of anectodes about his country (which we don't find in books) and was adorable with our 10 year old daughter.
We loved Jordan and fell in love with its landscapes, its history and the friendliness of its people.
Petra, Wadi Rum, Jerash, the Dead Sea ...: essentials for any discerning traveler and history lover.
“We are a small group of 5 friends and we have just spent 2 extraordinary weeks in Jordan piloted by Zyad that we can only thank and recommend! Prudent and punctual driver, in love with his country and who is keen to make him discover it.
The country is fantastic, with an extremely rich history and its people are incredibly kind. We have with Zyad crossed the country from north to south, Amman, Umm Qays (Gedara), Ajlun, Jerash, the castles of the desert, the Dead Sea, Bethany, Dana (unforgettable evening spent with Zyad dancing to the tunes of Dalida and playing cards, Petra (sumptuous Petra where we met another incredible character, the guide Ta'Her), Wadi Rum in the footsteps of TE Lawrence ... and Madaba and his incredible mosaic ...).
Zyad was kind enough to finally take us to the Israeli border at the Sheik Husein bridge for a last slightly surreal moment in Jordan before continuing our trip on the other side of the Jordan ...
Sylvie, Pascale, Xavier, Geoffrey and Sébastien
October 2019